I started building some lights for my bycicle, powered by the hub-generator.

This is the progress so far:


OK! The lights are finished and work very well! I made a little box for housing the rectifier and a capacitor for buffering some energy while I'm standing or cycling very slow. All the parts where designed by me and printed with the Makerbot of the altlab. I learned quite a lot about how to use the printer and about how to design in order to get good results. One thing turned out a bit strange: the text on the case is mirrored. Probably something mixed-up with the axes on the 3D-printer cheeky.

Apart from that I'm very satified with the result! Finally I can ride trough Lisbon at night, feeling a bit safer, and not having to worry about forgetting my battery-lights!

Rectifier housing

Front- and Back-lights